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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Engineering Manager – Electrical Almarai Company


To ensure that all electrical equipment is maintained in good order and is of sufficient capacity to meet the demands, in our hi-tech Poultry Processing Plant, near Haeil city in Saudi Arabia.

1) To manage the electrical power station on the Hail Poultry Processing Plant site so that there is power available 24/7.
2) To develop and implement a written preventive maintenance program for all electrical and electronic equipment throughout the site.
3) To ensure that all electrical and electronic equipment is maintained, inspected and serviced at intervals as agreed with the Sr. Eng. Manager
4) To advise on the selection of electrical and electronic equipment purchased by the Division recommending the most suitable for the job given present requirements and projected future needs


Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering.

1) Masters Degree Electrical
2) HACCAP, GMP, SOP Certifications.

1) Total of 10+ years out of which minimum 7+ Years experience in a managerial role in leading a multi skilled maintenance team in the area of FMCG/Poultry/Food Manufacturing Engineering.
2) Experience in the Poultry Processing Plant /Food Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical Industries is a pre requisite.
3) Experience in KV (or above KV) power generation, Synchronization of generators, Repair and maintenance to alternators 2 MVA, KV AC 60 HZ 3 phase, KV Switch gear/Relay setting/ Transformer maintenance, HT cable termination and laying, SF6 power panel distribution with auto supervisory load sharing.

1) 10 years experience in a managerial role in a Poultry Processing Plant.
2) Should have experience in complete servicing of all electrical and electronic equipment.
3) Should have experience in servicing of motors, transformers, Variable drives.


Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering

Company Profile

ALMARAI is a well established and highly successful dairy foods company in the Middle East synonymous with quality and is a household name throughout the region. The company is renowned for its technical expertise, innovative edge and customer service. It is the largest vertically-integrated dairy company in the world and its rapid growth has been founded on a commitment to quality and excellence across all aspect of its operations. The company is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is engaged in the production processing and sale of high quality fresh dairy food products and enjoys a 40% share of fresh dairy market. The company commenced operations in Saudi Arabia in 1976.

Almarai's activities vary from dairy and arable farming, dairy processing, to the manufacture, sale, marketing and the distribution of a wide range of fresh and long life branded dairy products.Bakeries, Poultry processing and Infant Nutrition are more recent business additions to the company portfolio.

It employs more than 21,000 staff, operates international state-of-the-art farm and manufacturing facilities, and has a comprehensive distribution network delivering products fresh daily to 40,000 outlets across six countries.

The company is eager to attract and provide excellent career opportunities for prospective employees who are keen to play a part in its ambitious expansion and development.

Almarai offers challenging and rewarding careers in a dynamic environment. You will get the opportunity and be given the responsibility to utilise and optimise the latest farming, processing, and distribution and information technologies.

If you are interested in a career with an organisation which is customer focused, innovative and values continuous learning and improvement, then ALMARAI is the place for you.

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